Gourmet joy

A space to share


Whether you’re here for the night or enjoying a longer break, a passing traveller, travelling by foot, car, bike, snowshoe or motorcycle, allow us to welcome you to a friendly space where we can share a break from the outside world. The space is authentic, and so is the welcome. We cultivate a way of life based on artistic and human discovery, and above all rich in all the little joys that daily life has in store. L’Arbre à Chapeaux is a welcoming venue for interaction; in short, a space for living.

With the exception of a few dates and family celebrations (for example Christmas), our guest rooms are open every day of the year, provided that they are booked at least one day in advance.

...And lodging

Meals may be provided depending on availability. 

Dishes are cooked exclusively by us using local produce or products from our preferred short food supply chains.

The menu is unique and cooked according to season and inspiration. It generally comprises a starter, a meat stew and side dish, cheeses from the region and a dessert.

The menu is offered from €35 per person, including all taxes and excluding drinks.

A drinks menu featuring apéritives, digestives, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and wines from a range of French winemakers is available to our guests.