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The concept

Sharing an art of living

Located on "Le Doubs" river side, this 17th century house is in the neighborhood of peaceful and natural points of interest : the Moulinot pathway, the Poussey cave, the "Roche aux Corbeaux" belvedere and the famous path crossing the Jura Mountains : "La Grande Traversée du Jura". With or without snow, it is an ideal starting point for walks in the forest on the pretty surrounding trails and a cozy refuge for those who simply wish to rest.

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The Art gallery

We invite you to discover this exhibition and sales space dedicated to artistic expressions

The rooms and guests table

Our guest house is opened from Monday to Sunday and welcomes you every day of the week.


Happening now

ETE 2024

Stages de découverte linogravure et cahier d'écolier

Participez sans modération aux stages d'initiation proposés par l'Atelier 1773 à deux pas de l'Arbre à Chapeaux !

ÉTÉ 2024

Monique DEGLUAIRE à l'Arbre à Chapeaux

Amie fidèle de notre Arbre, Monique DEGLUAIRE nous confie pour l'été de malicieuses créations tout droit sorties de son atelier.

ÉTÉ 2024

CAPTON à l'Arbre à Chapeaux

Plonger dans le regard des animaux immortalisés par Capton, sentir l'équilibre divin entre tous les Êtres du monde...Un voyage éblouissant !


L'arbre à chapeaux

“The pleasure of sharing time and discssions”

The warm atmosphere of the tuyé is ideal for an evening with family or friends

The concept

“A centenary house with character”

Our 17th century farmhouse aims to be a place to welcome guests wherever they come from and share with them a peaceful time.

The place

“For everybody”

The ideas for outings, many and varied, will make everyone happy

The activities

The feeling of our guests