Chargement en cours...
Sharing an art of living

The concept


L’Arbre à Chapeaux is an end and a beginning, a meeting place at the crossroads of several paths

It is the unveiling to the world of a story carried close to the heart for more than 15 years and a passionate desire to bring to life a place filled with three centuries of stories.

L’Arbre à Chapeaux is a melting pot of passions, talents, expertise and true commitment.

It’s the metamorphosis of ideas gleaned on the highways of the world with an innocent desire: To rediscover the pleasure of the evening and of discussions around rich and varied subjects between people of all ages and all backgrounds.

L’Arbre à Chapeaux is the African Palaver Tree whose roots draw up the wisdom of the ancients and whose leaves give shade to sharing.

L’Arbre à Chapeaux is a sturdy branch upon which to hang your hat and breathe more easily.

L’Arbre à Chapeaux is the 'blue house' sung about by Maxime Le Forestier, somewhere you walk into with your joys, sorrows and, above all, desire to gather with others. That’s it.

Far more than a project, it’s a state of mind, a way of life that enlivens us. When we decided to renovate our farm and create a shared space and guest rooms, we knew that the place would resemble our memories and dearest dreams.

Every element of L’Arbre à Chapeaux has its own story. The objects dotted around are often the result of encounters, lasting memories of authentic moments shared among friends on the highways of the world...

This Franche-Comté farm has already celebrated more than 335 anniversaries! And its foundations likely pre-date the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685. Generations have come before us, and we hope that generations will follow. That’s how we’ve chosen to restore the house: Sympathetically and using high-quality materials that will ensure that it lasts.

We’ve chosen to combine authenticity and modernity. The tuyé has been restored and has resumed its rightful place at the heart of the house, as before. The rooms have been refurbished while preserving as best as possible their original features, including stone slabs and walls and traditional lime rendering. All this work was undertaken by talented, passionate craftspeople with the greatest respect for tradition.

The work was completed with a focus on technical and aesthetic aspects and with the aim of ensuring comfort and vital compliance with 2015 accessibility and safety regulations. The seventeenth century revisited !


Whether it’s singing, dance, theatre or gastronomy, there’s a place for art in all its forms under our roof !

Many artists can be discovered here on a regular basis, and you can find out more about them on our news page