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"With paper... My figurines, like all of them, took the path of childhood before asserting their age... Born when I was leading an art workshop, they were first children wrapped up, grumpy or laughing, then teenagers lost in too large clothes. By chance of modelling and my thoughts, a young girl and then a young woman appeared. And others wanted to join them ! The men got involved. That was 15 years ago. From modelling and paper work, I like to stage the position of the body: what we are when we read, listen, look, walk... live. The search for papers and the dressing of the figures corresponds a little to the morning questioning of each one, the head turned towards the window while scanning the time and the hand tended towards the cupboard, already guided by the mood of the day, its freedoms or its constraints! Before giving the first stroke of the pliers to cut the first wire, I like to give a word or a phrase that will "say" the figure : "fundamental research", "minimum to have", "Revolution", "cherished freedom"... This word becomes the name at the end of the work, almost a first name. For the past two years, I have also been making 'paper' paintings." Anne Pinturier

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