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"I am a tree. Deep are my roots. Fertile is the ground from which I draw the mystery that inhabits me. I am a tree, my foliage is populated, and from the tips of my branches I paint what comes to me from the sky. I am a tree. In a landscape that is reborn every morning. I am a tree, with a heart that beats, vibrates, dazzles and is carried away like a leaf in the wind. I am a tree, look at me like this and come and sit in the shade of my poetry." Claire Muël is a Franc-Comtoise artist born in 1971 in Besançon. Graduated from the Estienne school in Paris, she first expressed her creativity in the world of communication as a freelance art director. For ten years, she has been developing a poetic and profound pictorial universe built around the symbolism of the tree. She regularly exhibits in various fairs and galleries, and has participated in several artists' residencies in France and abroad.

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