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"When I put on my smock, I become a stream, an ocean, a tree, a plant, a forest.... It is the field of possibilities, and the song of the dance around the canvas. It is a journey to the heart of colour, of painting, because to paint is to live more intensely! I use mixed media, but mainly oil paint. My inspiration is water, both rivers, springs, oceans, but also plants when they are close to water." Sylvie says that her "small size" has allowed her to discover the Puits Noir Ravine in Ornans in a new and delightful way. She brings back from her wanderings under the leaves sumptuous, poetic and intense landscapes. Her talent and her eye take us in turn into the skin of Elves or Lilliputians marvellously protected by these tender foliages... Let's not deprive ourselves of this journey!

Works on display